A Stone's Throw Away

project description

A Stone's Throw Away is a public artwork that examines the relationship between two opposing locations, each uniquely representative of the City of Glasgow: The historic Govan Graving Docks (or Dry Docks) and the nearby redevelopment of the Pacific Quay. These two sites and the communities that surround them have remarkable similarities, each representing an important period of Glasgow's industrial and economic wealth: The now derelict Graving Docks and the buildings of the Pacific Quay redevelopment (including The Glasgow Science Centre, BBC, and the Digital Hub) – each in their time either were or are representations of the cutting edge of industry, and thus also represent the economic power driving development. These places are set in sharp contrast to each other both physically and historically.

A Stone's Throw Away is a project in two parts, each employing old or 'dead' communication technology from the turn of the last century. The Govan Armada uses the model of the St. Kilda mailboats, while The Govan Graving Beacon uses Morse Code – both use antiquated methods of communication to connect the Dry Docks to the newer technology next door, and the wider world.

A Stone's Throw Away is part ofAtypical Root and The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

For details on the Sunday 2 May Launch Party & Atypical Root Finale on Clydebrae St in Govan: click here